Tuesday, 18 February 2014

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY- Do you have what it takes?

Currently scouting for young, athletic, and energetic (male and female) individuals who is driven, motivated, and determined to be successful in this fitness industry, to join me and my team helping others improving themselves to achieve greater heights. I want someone with high integrity, intelligence, and tremendous amount of positive energy who also truly understand the real meaning of being committed, dedicated, and loyalty.

I don't care where you came from, how many trophies you've won on stage, what's your GPA scores were, or where you got your Masters degree. I want to know if you care about other people, and if you're willing to sacrifice almost everything to be apart of something special.

Every single individual on my team BELIEVES in the VISION, not just to change the fitness industry, but to change the WORLD and help people become the best versions of themselves.

I want leadership, I want innovation, I want dedication, I want perseverance. I want to see you grind every single day. If you give me 100%, I'll give you 200% back. If you give me 95%, I give you nothing.

Im looking for personal trainers, graphic designers, managers, sales consultants, personal assistant etc. One of the main requirement is to possessed a STRONG PR skills.

If you feel and KNOW you got what it takes to be part of my successful team, email us your details to jobs@xclusivefitnesz.com to fix an interview session.

HUGE opportunity awaits you.

Thank you,
CEO of Exclusive Fitness International.

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