Sunday, 6 April 2014


Did you know?
For every 1-pound of muscle you gain, your body will burn an extra 50 calories per day?

So for those who afraid of lifting weight or think that it is unnecessary, Try add weight or resistance training to your workout routine & burn extra calories all day long!

By looking at the photo below, you can see that five pounds of muscle is going to take up less space in the body and be a lot less “lumpy” under your skin and in between your organs than the same weight in fat.

So which one will you choose? 10 pounds of Fat? Or 10 pounds of Muscle?

Most people more concern on their weight. "I'm 80kg i wanna lose 10kg" But do you really know what you actually want to achieve? is it the decrease of weights or you want to be lean and Fit??
Some people concern of "WHY does my weight still the same but i can fit in my jeans better?"
Its because your muscle increase and you decreasing the fat.

There are a lot of Benefits of Having More Lean Muscle Mass 

Benefits of Having More Lean Muscle Mass   
Having more muscle mass in your body will:
  1. Create a leaner physique
  2. Reduce your risk of injury
  3. Increase strength, stability, power and endurance
  4. Improve balance and mobility
  5. Improve the way you feel about yourself
  6. Increase energy and vitality
  7. Improve athletic performance
  8. Create metabolic reserve in times of traumas such as (car accidents and burns)
  9. Increase your metabolic efficiency
  10. Improve insulin sensitivity and improve blood glucose control

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