Friday, 6 June 2014

XF Personal Training Testimonial : Farah XF

Check out this video of one of our personal training client's Nadia who is currently in session with Farah XF.

Say hello to Erma Nadia. First time i met her she said she wanted to lose weight but the problem is previously she had a surgery for ACL.
I said no problem, but i wanted to fix your posture first and she said okay. Now on 8th session you notice the differences on her back. the same clothes she wore now are not as tight as it was back then.

On 5th session we measured her weight:
Fat % original 51.6% after 4th session 46.5%
Muscle % original 20.9% after 4th session 23.9%

Excited to see her transformation?
Me too!

For more info on PERSONAL TRAINING with ME,
PM me or TEXT me at 0132547295

Farah Nadhirah
XF Dietician & Nutritionist
Tel No: 0132547295

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