Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Work-out Of The Day

Work Out Of The Day - Wednesday

This is a circuit work out. Example, as soon as you finished air squat immediately perform the next work out. And once you finished all the work out it's consider 1 set. Repeat the whole work-out again. There should be no rest in between work-out. 

Warm Up 

 Stair Walk 
15 - 20 minutes

Work Out 

Air Squat 15 reps

Pull-ups 10

Push-ups 15

Dips 12

Tyre Flip 10 times

Ab Bicycle 30 seconds

Repeat the work-out as soon as you finish all the sets on the above. Perform 3 - 5 sets to see better results. 


Warm Up
Stair walk 5 minutes
Stair Run 15 minutes 

Work Out 

Air Squat 12 reps 
Tuck Jump 10 times

Explosive Pull-up 12 reps

Explosive Push-up 12 reps

Burpees 10 times

Dips 12 reps

Tyre Flip 10 times 
Ab bicycle 30 seconds
Repeat the above exercise repeatedly at least 3 - 5 sets and with minimum rest time to gain better results. 

Challenge yourself by minimizing your rest time.

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