Tuesday, 21 August 2012

WOD Today's Special 
Today's work out is going to be simple. It's gonna start off with some running and some upper body work out. Let's kill some "FAT".

For the pull-ups and Push-ups. Example, Pull-ups 10 reps straight away move on no Push-ups 10. Perform it repeatedly until you finish the repetition that is recommended. 

15 Minutes Run 
Pull-ups or Lats Pull Down 50 reps
Push-ups 60 reps 
15 mins run 

20 Minutes Run
Pull-ups or Lats Pull Down 100 reps 
Push-ups 150 - 200 reps
30 Minutes run  

Challenge yourself by minimizing your rest time. 

Never Give Up. Never Give In. Never Back Down. 
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