Saturday, 30 November 2013

Eat Nuts daily to live longer!

New research has shown that people who regularly snack on nuts, live longer than those who don’t,  even when all other factors are taken  into account.
Nutrition experts and doctors tend to shun the word ‘superfood’ , they prefer to talk about healthy balanced diets. But nuts are about as close as you get.
They are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants  and are loaded with essential minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, magnesium and manganese, which are all needed for organs to function effectively.

They are an exceptionally good source of  vitamins E and B, and ooze omega 3 fatty acids..
While nuts are fatty, they mostly contain ‘good’ fats which can  reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease. And because they are high in fibre, they tend to fill you up more than nibbling on a box of chocolates.

Each nut has its own advantages. Some nuts are higher in vitamins, others higher in omega 3.

So which nut is top in the health stakes?
Best for:  Fibre, calcium, riboflavin (B2)  the B vitamin that’s good for the skin and  vitamin E.
Worse for:  Digestion, but soaking them in water or milk will helps.

Best for: Selenium (a mineral vital to fighting disease and healing wounds) and magnesium
Worse for: Extremely high doses lead to the loss of hair and nails, so a limit of three or four Brazil nuts a day is sensible.
Best for: Flavour and all-round health.
Best for: Thiamin (vitamin B10).  
Worse for: they can be rich. Some digestive systems will struggle with more than nine or ten at a time.
Best for: Protein, niacin, folate.
Worse for: when it's smothered in salt 
Best for: Sterols (linked to lowering cholesterol).

Best for: Potassium and vitamin B6.
Best for: Antioxidants.
Worse for: once cooked, walnuts lose most of their health benefits. And, of course, a chocolate walnut whip will probably do more harm than good.

*article summarize from / Health 

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