Friday, 8 November 2013

The Benefit of Eggs (written by MURAD ZAIDI)

Eggs really have gotten a bad rap...and for no good reason other then maybe Big Pharma trying to cash in on cholesterol lowering medication!

Did you know that you could pretty much live off of eggs because they contain all the essential nutrients (minus niacin and vitamin C) that we need? The yolk in eggs monounsaturated fats and saturated fats, both necessary for optimal health. They also contain linoleic and linolenic acids-these are EFA (essential fatty acids).

Eggs are the perfect protein, containing all the essential amino acids. Worried about cholesterol and eating eggs? This is a myth as the cholesterol in our blood isn't there because of what we ate. Most of it is produced in the liver. The absorption rate of cholesterol from food sources is very small...around 2-4 milligrams per kilo of body-weight.

The other safeguard put in place by our brilliant bodies is that the more cholesterol we eat, the less our body makes of it. If we take in less our bodies make more, which would possibly explain why those on a low cholesterol diet still have elevated blood cholesterol levels. =]
Here's the thing, the reason I believe why MOST people out there (who's not exposed in this field at least) say that eating lots of eggs is unhealthy is because eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol. Large egg has about 200mg cholesterol and 5g of fat. Almost half of that fat is saturated fat.

The so called logic is that since eggs are high in cholesterol, a high egg consumption will increase your blood cholesterol. So by cutting eggs from your diet, your blood cholesterol will decrease. This, however, isn't how your body works.

The fact is, you can find studies showing that high cholesterol levels will make you live longer and more immune to infections & diseases than low cholesterol levels. Also FYI, Your liver makes 3-6x more cholesterol than you can get eating eggs and other animal products. Cholesterol is Vital To Your Body. You need it for the production of steroid hormones like Testosterone and to build & repair cells. Keep in mind that dietary cholesterol isn't bound to blood cholesterol. There's no relation to cholesterol & saturated fat intake to higher cholesterol levels.

And about the egg yolk, for starter, it makes your life ALOT easier since you don't have to separate it from the egg white each time. It is also healthier for many reasons but i'll lay down the 3 main reasons. 1) It is full of vitamins A, D, E. Vitamin D is especially important since most people lack vitamin D. 2) Eating whole eggs doubles the protein intake you'd get eating egg whites only: the yolk contains half the protein. 3) Saturated fat and cholesterol increase testosterone production. Both are heavily present in the egg yolk.

But I get it, the real concern people have though regarding cholesterol is Heart Diseases. Some REAL things you can do that I strongly advised is to hit the gym and LOSE FAT (not weight!). Start exercising, this will improve your health overall. Eat healthy, no more junk food, sodas, artificial trans-fats and refined sugars. Include antioxidants in your diet such as berries and green tea. These keep your LDL particles acting normal, preventing blockage in arteries. And try to lower down otherwise avoid drugs. Cholesterol lowering drugs are harmful to your liver in the long-term and useless if you don't eat healthier, exercise and lose fat.

Now, if you tried the above and your cholesterol levels haven't improved, then MAYBE you're part of the minority of the population who's genetically predisposed. Tough luck holmes.

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