Thursday, 16 January 2014

OUCH! Strained muscle during workout? How do i fix it?

Muscle is highly made of protein. Some assumed "oh i should drink a lot of protein to repair my muscle.

Protein may contribute to up to 50% by helping in recuperation of the muscle. Meanwhile Carbohydrates give energy to the muscle. 

Having strained muscle will prevent you from doing your workout, and that sucks.


1. REST your strained muscle - First thing you need to do is know your limit, when you already injured yourself, give the strained muscle some rest. For example if you hurt your leg, then just do upper body workout and vice versa.

2.  ICE the strained muscle - The best way is 20 minutes pressed it with Ice and then 20 minutes off the ice, until you feel the pain slightly reduce

3.  EAT  a lot food that high in POTASSIUM -  Potassium is the best choice to repair muscle. Examples of food such as Banana,Dark Green leafy vegetables, White beans, and Baked potatoes.

4. APPLY Icy-hot pack on Strained muscle - This will help with blood flow return throughout your muscle.

5. STRETCH & EXERCISE - yes i told you to rest just now, but you need to do some stretching and light exercise just to help it healing process.

6. ELEVATE the strained muscle -  Most people strained their leg muscle compared to other body parts. If you strained your leg, elevate it while rest. rest it on top of Ottoman, or a pillow on a bed.

7. SEEK medical care -  Most clients ask should i go and see the doctor?
                   You SHOULD when
                  a. You hear or feel POP during the time you injured your muscle.
                  b. Severe pain, or abnormal swelling that won't go away & discoloration in the injured muscle.
                  c. You have fever after injury
                  d. You have open cuts from injury
                  e. You cannot walk
                  f.  If it doesn't improved within 48 hours

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