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A strong body leads to a strong life. Strength physically can help you become more assertive, bold, and confident. Being in great shape leads to more energy, and a lower chance of depression. If you want all-encompassing success, you need to take care of your health, and body. If you want to be optimal, and at your best in every sense of the word, you again, have to include your body on the list of important things that will make you successful.

Through my many years of experience, I've observed that as your career grows, you become more successful, you no longer have the time to commit to a fitness routine, some may even have a family, and as a result your body and your health and fitness are put on the back-burner. As your body becomes less healthy, you have less energy, less confidence, and this correlates to a lack of success in other areas of your life as well.

Here are some fitness tips to ensure that you get, and stay, in great shape. These workout exercises will help you build a stronger, more resilient, and better-looking body, that will improve other areas of your life as well. Best of all, you can do these workout almost ANYWHERE, AND EVERYWHERE without consuming plenty of time!

Read on..
Workout Exercise Tip #1: Cardio
There’s amyth, especially amongst women, that jogging is the best form of cardio to burn fat and to get in great shape. The truth is, sprints are far more effective at burning fat, plus it takes a fraction of the time to complete a full sprints workout, get greater benefits, and get back to your busy day. Here’s what you gotta do…Ideally find a hill or a set of stairs to sprint up – a track will also suffice. Use 1 minute as your guideline. Sprint for 10 seconds, recovery for a minute, and repeat this set-up 5 times. Two weeks from now, up it to 7, then 10.. A full sprint workout exercise should only take – at the most – 10 minutes. When was the last time you hopped on the treadmill for a 10-minute walk or jog, and were completely drenched with sweat?
Workout Exercise Tip #2: Walking Lunges
Instead of just going for a walk on a sunny day, add in some walking lunges. Growth hormone is a powerful hormone that is aided by lactic acid. So by increasing the lactic acid in your muscles, you’re naturally going to raise your growth hormone levels which will help you burn more fat and build more muscle. How does this help you being fit as well as successful? Lower body fat will help increase your energy levels, as well as improve your confidence. We all know that confidence is a key characteristic if you want to make it big in business.

Note: When performing walking lunges, keep the majority of your weight on the front heel
Workout Exercise Tip #3: Building a Stronger Core
The plank is not only one of the best core exercises you can do, but you can do it anywhere, even as an office workout.
One of the best ways to give yourself a boost in energy is to get your blood flowing. Try using a plank to save your back from the pains that come with sitting in a chair the entire day, looking at a computer. Start with 30 seconds, then work your way up to a minute straight. Repeat this 3 times every time you get to planking.
Workout Exercise Tip #4: Calisthenics
Next time you’re in the gym, finish your workout with this set that I give to my female clients. This set will not only help you burn a ton of fat, but it will boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours after you’ve finished training.

Here's what you gotta do; Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds. If you don’t know an exercise, search for it on youtube where there are examples for each and every one. The only rest period comes after each exercise has been completed.
1. Plank
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Frog Jumps
4. Push ups

Note: Do this for 3 sets, and rest 60 seconds in between each workout.

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Good luck with your workouts and training!

Strength & Honor,
MURAD ZAIDI- No.1 HIgh Performance Coach.
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