Saturday, 1 February 2014


*Drools* anyone will drool over this deliciously sinful food!
1. CHICKEN NUGGETS - They are delicious however chicken nuggets are high in preservatives, fat and salt and has no benefit for your body. Craving for em? Eat grilled skinless chicken breast or chicken strips and make it nuggety-shaped liked!

2. HOT DOGS - Easy to serve for our children, to bring with them to school, for lunch, however they are rich in saturated fat.

3. BLENDED COFFEE - Starbuck lovers? Yeap! Most blended coffee have over 300 calories alone without adding sugar! However Black coffee have 5 calories only! Can't live without coffee? No problem change it to Black coffee!

4. WHITE RICE - Nasi nasi nasi! Bukan Malaysia namanya kalau tak dapat nasi , kan? But do you know White rice is considered as processed food? Its have very little nutrition and an enemy for those who are hypoglycemic (such as myself) & for those who have diabetes. Although its cheaper than Brown rice, Brown rice have more nutrition value in comparison.

5. POTATO CHIPS - Watching TV without Potato chip is just wrong! I think thats how Potato couch got named for. however potato chips are rich in preservatives, salt and calories and provide little or no nutritional value.

6. TWIGGIES - By Twiggies i meant the Cookies, Buns , Muffin selling in the market have high levels of sugar and salt, most of these products also contain trans fat.

7. CARBONATED DRINKS -. It's high in sugar don't consume even diet soda. It might have 0 calories, but artificial sweetener is even worse than regular sugar.

8. MARGARINE - Usually it's been used as alternative for butter however it's full of trans fats that is linked to many health related problems.

9. CEREALS - Every parents will buy cereal for their children such as coco crunch , Fruit loops (my personal favourite), and Honey stars. Most of these cereals are rich in added sugars and contain preservatives and lack dietary fiber. When purchasing your breakfast cereals go for those that contain less sugar and provides lots of fiber.

10. FRENCH FRIES - ho ho ho, a really enemy for us ladies!! My pure enemy! It has been a while since i eat French Fries ..oh..that delicious..taste of fatness that melt in the mouth... *drools* (>,<)/
Besides high calories, it offers very little nutritional value for your body. Try to avoid eating french fries as they are linked to obesity and raised blood sugar level.

So now...what can you eat? HOME COOKED MEAL!

Farah Nadhirah
XF Dietician & Nutritionist
Tel No: 012-6696195

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