Wednesday, 9 July 2014

XF Personal Training with Farah XF : Hailen

[ XF Personal Training with Farah XF : Hailen]

Say hello to Kak Hailen! She is 51 years old. Start training with me for 12 session.

Initial Weight was: 75.1 KG
After 10 sessions: 70.1 kg

Due to her age and she also having a knee injuries of both ACL & Meniscus, It's a challenge for her to workout however, she's now more stronger then the first time she starts with me! Am proud of her, Gonna make her more hotter than now!

Dear ladies, Health is beautiful, strength is beautiful. Starvation is not. Work with your body, don't war with it. Love your body

Farah XF
Expert in Female body transformation & Nutritionist.

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