Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Looking for Personal Trainer in Shah Alam?

We all fall in life... The question is who gets back up!

Many of you have had a fitness goal to achieve, and somewhere along the way, you fell off the bandwagon and when that happened, many of you throw in the towel, tapped out, and call it a day. If that is the kind of mindset you have programmed, you will never achieve anything you life.

It's all about staying focused to your goal and doing whatever it takes to get there. It is never easy because things called life, people, situations, will chained you down from going to the top if you let it. To top it all of, if you DO NOT have the right knowledge and most importantly the right guidance, you will get beaten up on the path and you will keep going in circles. Eventually, you too will quit.

I want to give out 3 VERY IMPORTANT tips for FREE to you guys on how to achieve the goal you set many many times before;

1) Recognised and Identify your fitness goal. Be as specific as possible. Break it down into short term goal, that would lead to your long term goal. Right now, what is important is to have the sense of achievement so that you're mentally convinced that is it indeed possible for you to achieve your main goal (long term goal)

2) Engaged with a Professional. All jokes aside, you CANT and WILL NOT achieve anything if you hit it WITHOUT the right knowledge. You need a professional guidance. You gotta look for an expert in the field to help guide you and monitor your progress. With the right guidance and support, not only will you achieve your goal, but you will get there half of the time. So, get engaged with somebody with a proven track record.

3) Record your progress. Before you embark in this journey, take a before picture of yourself, and at the back of the picture, write down your body stats (weight, muscle mass, body fat %, bmi etc). And have a habit to take a new pic every month. That way, when you have a hard day and when your mind and body, primarily your SMALL LITTLE VOICE is telling you to quit, cuz you have not made any progress, you can fall back on your before pic and compare with your current stat. I ASSURE you, you WILL see progress and that will fuel you up to keep on going,

Now, if you follow through those 3 simple tips, I dont see why you can;t look good. Guys, the year is gonna end is 3 months time. January 1st, everybody and their mother is gonna get busy wanting to achieve a certain fitness goal. Guess what, you don't gotta wait january first to join a damn gym. I got news for you, the gym is OPEN TODAY TOO! So get busy, stay focused and start grinding!

Be the few champions that starts now, and when new year come and everybody is trying to plan out their fitness goals, that they planned the year before, and before, and before, you would already be 1 step ahead of them by being in your best shape ever!

If you are located around Shah Alam or Klang Valley, you want to pay a visit to XCLUSIVE FITNESZ located in Seksyen 13, Stadium Shah Alam. Being at 30,000 square feet, It is the biggest and most complete training camp. Prices ranges from RM99-RM150/month. Leave your ego out the door and join the ranks!

See you on the winning side!

Asia #1 High Performance Lifestyle & Fitness Coach
IFA Certified

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