Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOD : 30seconds Full Body Weight Workout

30 seconds Full Body Weight Workout 
This Program is for beginners and advanced. Today's program targeting every body part by just using body weight. If you find it too easy for you then time yourself, you can do it by giving yourself shorter rest time OR set a time and perform as much as you can. ( Example 30seconds perform 20 reps ). Below program is best perform in circuit. 

Perform At least 3 to 5 circuits 

Tyre Run 
Push Up 
30seconds Sprint 
Box Jump
Air Squat 
Body Weight Row 

Sample of workout.
Tyre Run -> 30 Seconds push up -> 30 seconds Sprints -> 30 seconds Box Jump -> 30 seconds Box Jump -> 30 seconds Air Squats -> 30 seconds body weight row / Pull-ups / Chin-Ups ( Repeat Tyre Run..... ) 

Here is a little info about the workout on the above. It seems simple, yeah? So lets start with tyre run. When you performing tyre run its a warm up for you. You will activate the CALVES, QUADS and HAMSTRINGS. You will learn agility and balancing. The tyre is small so you will give extra focus on the landing every steps you make. Therefore, you will burn extra calories. Study had shown concentration and extra focus helps to burn extra calories and gives better contraction in the muscle. 

As soon as you finish Tyre Run perform Push Up. Tyre run activates your lower body muscle and your heart rate slowly increasing as you finished and push up will boost your rate rate a little higher and pump up your upper body, CHEST, TRICEPS, BAC, CORE. Push-up is simple try to make it challenging for yourself. 

Few Examples of Push-up 
Close Grip 
Moderate Grip 
Wide Grip 
Explosive Push-Ups ( My Fav) 

Once you finished Push-Ups start 30seconds SPRINTS as fast as you can. This will activates your entire body's muscle as it is a speed training exercise, offers more than just calories burning. The impact of the exercise aids the new building muscle. 

Continue with Box Jump, the explosive movement as jump and land requires you to learn balancing.

After Tyre Jump, Sprinting, and Box Jump, Air Squat ain't gonna be easy. ;] This is gonna take what is left on you lower body to perform. As you finished Air Squat quickly perform Body Weight Row. This workout is considerate to beginners as well. If you find it easy try doing Pull-Ups. 

So thats all for the workout today. Can you take up the challenge? 
No Pain No Gain. 

Challenge yourself by minimizing your rest time. 

Never Give Up. Never Give In. Never Back Down. 
Where Champions Are Made.

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