Thursday, 29 May 2014

MURAD ZAIDI'S FIT TIPS OF THE DAY: Stop the negativity


Hey Guys, how's everything going?

Healthy doesn't only defined your physical or, food that you eat but also your mind. So many people put a limit to themselves by saying " No, I cannot do this, I'm not good with this, I'm fat i cannot workout, that person is so lucky, i wish i can be like him, she got a lot money of course she can workout and look good." Only wish but not doing anything about it.

Ask yourself this question, Who make your life difficult? The answer is YOU! Because our brain’s job is to keep us safe, it is constantly acting from a place of fear. Even when everything is going well, a little voice in our head will say, “Watch out! Something bad is going to happen.” Then panic sets in, and we experience that unnerving anxious feeling of possibly losing all the good we have going for us.

Stop the negativity talk and start being positive! Always remind self "I CAN DO THIS, I'm not good with this but I'm willing to learn, I'm fat but I want to lose weight!"

There are 7 health benefit from positive thinking:

1. Increased life span
2. Lower rates of depression
3. Lower levels of distress
4. Greater resistance to the common cold
5. Better psychological and physical well-being
6. Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
7. Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Now, just remember that everything you do, everything you feel is all in your mind. Open your mind and sought up positivity to give our positive aura to others.

Strength & Honour,
No.1 High Performance Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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