Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Feedback & Testimonial from XCLUSIVE FITNESZ's Member

[Feedback & Testimonial from XCLUSIVE FITNESZ's Member]

Check out the achievement of one of our gym member Laila Akma!
She joined on 7th of April 2014. Now it's her 3rd month in XF.

With the guidance from our XF Team and dedication from her, she's able to reached her goal and fit into her beautiful Kebaya! Happy & Proud of her Achievement!

For those who are longing to wear back that beautiful clothes you kept in your wardrobe that you can no longer fit, or that beautiful dress you saw while window shopping but you don't have confident to wear. Let us help you! PM us or for those who required FEMALE PERSONAL TRAINER contact Farah XF.

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