Friday, 22 August 2014



Today is a day of mourning. This morning we receive the bodies of those Malaysians who perished in the tragedy of MH17. We are to spend a minute of silence in memory of these victims and to do anything in our power to respect today's solemnity. Fly the flags at half mast, wear darker clothing, tone down the entertainment.

BUT we do not at any point walk with our heads looking down on the ground. We do not kneel. We do not bow. We will stride forward looking at the future rather than dwell in the past.

Our country has been dealt with problems after problems, crisis after crisis. With MH17 was shot down, MH370 is still missing, Malaysian Airlines is at the brink of bankruptcy. Roads and Bridges collapse, Haze and Floods, not to mention the debacle of our political system. But we will live through all this. We have lived through occupation by four different empires, we will surely be able to survive all this tragedy.

Let's mourn the victims of MH17 and MH370 today and lets work together to ensure something like this never happens again. Let's put 120% of what we have into anything that we're pursuing and lift this country up from the waters that is trying to drown and kill us all.

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